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Why price is not the most important part of your vehicle wraps

We understand price is important to our customers, but at MovinAds price is not the most important thing. What is most important is providing you with the perfect wrap for you and your budget. We only know how to do things one way, and that is in the best interest of our customers.


Both are effective

Many times, our customers first question is how much this is going to cost.... This gives us a chance to help them refocus back onto what is important, the perfect vehicle graphics for their needs. Sure, a budget is important, everyone should have a budget that works for them, but we encourage our customers to not get hung up on price. When it comes to price there are a number of factors that we have to consider. Things like design, materials, preparation and install times help us to determine price. Giving a price before we know the goal of the wrap can only hurt our customers.

We never want someone to spend more than they have to to get the perfect wrap for them. Many times, we come in well below our customers budget, because at MovinAds our goal is to create the perfect wrap and NOT follow a price sheet. This is what separates our pricing strategy compared to our competitors. Most wrap installers will tell you the more graphics you install the better results you will have. MovinAds knows this is simply untrue and this is why we do not try to “up-sell” to our customers like competitors do, trying to make them spend more than they need to.


MovinAds follows three important criteria for creating the perfect wrap.

· Visually appealing

We want to create vehicle graphics that grabs attention. Getting you and your business noticed while you are out on the streets is what we do best. We design our wraps to get maximum exposure each time.

· Easy to understand

A vehicle wrap that is easy to understand is critical. While your vehicle is traveling on the road, its important to get your message across quickly. A perfect vehicle wrap will let the viewer know what the business is within 5 seconds.

· Easy to find contact information

While brand exposure is also very important we want the perfect wrap to generate leads for you. Having contact information easy to find by standing out from the rest of the design creates an easier way for potential customers to get in touch with you.


Creating the perfect wrap for you is our main concern, not the price. We never try to get our customers to spend more than they need to to get the perfect wrap. We work with our customers to create the best outcome for their budget.

Since we know that understanding what a wrap can cost is important, MovinAds created this guide to help give a better understanding of generic costs.

(Average price cost)

This helps to show an average price for different coverage options. Many people think they have to do a full coverage vehicle wrap to get the most out of it. In fact there are many times MovinAds will talk our customers out of doing a full wrap, because we know to meet their goals they do not need to spend that much to succeed with vehicle graphics. While there are some circumstances where a full wrap makes sense for a business, MovinAds can be just as effective without spending more than you need to.

We do things one way, putting our customers best interest first, then delivering the best quality product tailored specifically to each customers needs. Our ideals and customer service separate us from other graphic installers.

So do not get hung up on the cost, let MovinAds work with you to create a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics that best suit your needs.

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